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ご存知世界の歌姫、Beyonceの最強BEST MIX CDが登場!!Destiny's Child時代の名曲から最新作まで完璧においしいとこどりの永久保存版!!Beyonceの魅力をこの1枚に凝縮しました!! 圧倒的な歌唱力とライブパフォーマンスで全世界のリスナーに認知され、魅了している歌姫Beyonceの文句なしの BEST MIX CD!!これまでに彼女が発表してきた楽曲を、Destiny's Child時代の名曲も含めて1枚の作品に凝縮!!かつてないボリュームで高揚感をあおる様に展開されていきます!! Beyonceのファンならずとも聴いてほしい作品!!これぞBEST of BEST!! [TRACK LIST] 01.Get Me Bodied / Beyonce feat.Kelly Rowland,Michelle Williams & Solange Knowles 02.Single Ladies (Put A Ring)/Beyonce 03.Crazy In Love / Beyonce feat.Jay-Z 04.Lost Yo Mind / Beyonce 05.Work It Out / Beyonce feat.Redman 06.Independent Women (Part 1) / Destiny's Child 07.So Good / Destiny's Child 08.Apple Pie A La Mode / Destiny's Child 09.Love On Top / Beyonce 10.Summer Time (Remix) / Beyonce feat.Ghost Face 11.Naughty Girl / Beyonce 12.Thug Love / Beyonce feat.50Cent 13.In Da Club / Beyonce 14.Baby Boy / Beyonce feat.50Cent & Sean Paul 15.Jumpin, Jumpin / Destiny's Child 16.No,No,No (Part.2) / Destiny's Child feat.Wyclef Jean 17.Upgrade U / Beyonce feat.Jay-Z 18.Case / Beyonce 19.Ring The Alarm / Beyonce 20.Put It In A Love Song / Alicia Keys feat.Beyonce 21.Girl / Destiny's Child 22.Check On It / Beyonce feat.Slim Thug 23.Waiting / Beyonce 24.Baby Your The Only Man / Beyonce 25.Video Phone (Lady Gaga Remix) / Beyonce feat.Lady Gaga 26.Diva (Remix) / Beyonce feat.Jay-Z 27.Soldier / Destiny's Child feat.T.I. & Lil Wayne 28.Survivor / Destiny's Child 29.Deja Vu / Beyonce feat.Jay-Z 30.SexualityBeyonce 31.Bootylicious / Destiny's Child 32.Bug A Boo / Destiny's Child 33.Go / Beyonce 34.Hip Hop Star / Beyonce feat.Big Boi & Sleepy Brown 35.Lose My Breath / Destiny's Child 36.Control / Beyonce 37.Till The End Of Time / Beyonce feat.Ester Dean 38.Black Culture / Beyonce 39.Sweet Dreams / Beyonce 40.Telephone / Lady Gaga feat.Beyonce 41.Schoolin' Life / Beyonce 42.Run The World (Girls) / Beyonce 43.Bills, Bills, Bills / Destiny's Child 44.Hey Ladies / Destiny's Child 45.Nasty girl / Destiny's Child 46.Feel The Same Way I Do / Destinys Child 47.Cater 2 u / Destiny's Child 48.That's How You Like It / Beyonce feat. Jay-Z 49.If I Were A Boy / Beyonce 50.Irreplaceable / Beyonce feat.Ghostface 51.New Shoes / Beyonce 52.I Miss You / Beyonce 53.My Boo / Beyonce feat.Usher 54.Party / Beyonce feat.Kanye West & Andre 3000 55.Ego (Remix) / Beyonce feat.Kanye West 56.Say My Name / Destiny's Child 57.In This Club (REMIX) / Usher feat.Beyonce & Lil Wayne 58.Until The End Of Time / Justin Timberlake feat.Beyonce 59.Stand Up For Love / Destiny's Child